Warmer weather and longer days, this moose lies down for a cat nap

10258366_10101668370613769_5848884020018505439_oYesterday the boys and I went for a walk down by the lake. We played for a bit until the youngest wild child decided to run into the water and soak himself. We quickly moved on toward the bridge to see if I could photograph a pair of handsome Mergansers that were there the day before.

IMG_9967We went to leave the depot yard, and spotted the bull moose we have seen the last couple of days standing guard in his spot by the road. The boys were not happy, but I turned the stroller around and headed back to the house. IMG_9979

IMG_0061We came back in the blazer to watch him. Giving him plenty of room, we parked at a safe distance to quietly observe. The moose love the salt in the road in this spot. He got down on his knees for a couple of licks and then decided it would take much less effort to lie down and enjoy his salty snack.

IMG_0085 IMG_0079 IMG_0092

Very sad, with the binoculars we were able to see the ticks hanging off of his bell and backside. Where he seems to be on the thin side, we have seen other moose who appear to have more meat on their bones. If he continues to hang out in the same spot, it will be fun to watch him fatten up and his antlers grow.


Look at those eyes. <3

Rianne Ackley

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