Fall, you came and left too quickly

Friends it’s been too long. I apologize. Somehow it seems life in the woods has been busier than ever. My littlest celebrated his second birthday earlier this month and with a 4 year old and a 2 year old…the house is getting more wild every day. There’s not much for idle time.

Our fall came and went much to quickly. I’ve always been one to enjoy the snow and anticipate those first flakes, but for the first time, I feel a little conflicted about the arrival. The novelty of last year’s winter has passed. Having experienced one real Northern Maine winter, I am not thrilled that the roads are already packed with snow. There’s one thing that has not changed about it…it’s still beautiful!!

Before this white stuff came…we soaked up what little warmth and sunshine we could. Below are a few pictures of our fall in Maine…lived a little further out than most.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. 🙂


Jackson and I on a walk. Looking for some birds.


His favorite part of riding to look for birds….when he gets to run and get them for me. A tad bit redneck with the bare feet, but hey….we’ve turned a little woodsy. :))


Pink sky at sunset. Clayton Lake.


Red light from sunset caught this plane’s contrail.





Boys will be boys. <3

IMG_0508 - Copy

First male spruce grouse I’ve ever seen. He sat pretty for me.

IMG_0535 - Copy

Female spruce grouse.


Learning some hard life lessons. One swing is more preferred than the other and we have to learn to share!


This day was too cold to wear shorts and a tshirt but apparently not cold enough to stay out of puddles.


Diaper or no diaper….everyone has to pitch in a little to make sure we get the wood in the cellar! He was actually very proud to be helping. 🙂

IMG_3060 IMG_3063








Then this happened. Thankful to have been able to capture a few shots of this lynx. Breathtaking.


IMG_0715 IMG_0699

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