Thirsty Moose

Yesterday was a gorgeous day up here in the woods, 67 degrees in the shade. Trucks are still not running and it is SO quiet. After lots of playtime with the wild creatures, I sat outside and read while they took their nap. I kept hearing a partridge drumming and wanted so badly to get […]

Tote Road Tango

  With both boys, the dog, and the cat packed in the blazer we started out to brave the Realty Road in the height of spring thaw. Sections of the road were beautiful and we were able to cruise along, and then all of a sudden a crater would appear. Crater might sound like I’m […]

Lazy Lady Bread

During the winter months we have seen ample amounts of blue jays, Cananda jays, crows, and ravens. Today, it was refreshing to see a couple of different feathered friends. The red winged black bird and common grackle stopped by for some bird seed. I tried my best to get a picture. I even hid in the blazer with the window […]